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Welcome From Bike Family Welcome to Bike Family!! In reading this, you must have somewhat responded to the mysterious call inside of you. Welcome aboard! There are several questions left for you before you start this trip. First of all, why do you choose to come to Taiwan? Why do you join a bike tour around this island? Finally, why Bike Family? We are confident to assure you that in this 9-day tour, you will discover those why’s to above questions. Thousands of our previous participants, including an 81-year-old grandfather and even a 9-year-old child, have testified to the magnificence of biking around Taiwan successfully, satisfactorily, and sensationally. If variety is the reason for you to travel, a cycling tour around Taiwan is your best choice. As Taiwan lies in a complex tectonic region, where the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate meet, topping the Tropic of Cancer in the midway, you would be hard-pressed to find a gigantic eco-park like Taiwan elsewhere in the world. The unique geological wonders have not only created various types of terrains and climate, but also nourished and blossomed the rich culture, multifaceted aesthetics, and particularly, the warm and friendly people here. By cycling, you get to feel the joy and harmony of life in Taiwan. In addition, the lush scenery of the endless mountains and coastlines are your rewards as you experience the carefree sensation of sweat and perseverance running down your forehead. The Bike Family has been established in hopes of helping you explore this gorgeous island. A biking tour would be the most healthy, economical, eco-friendly, and significant activity for you to discover the beauty of this country in depth. We strongly believe that this tour will benefit and influence you considerably for the rest of your life. Therefore, we sincerely invite you to join this unforgettable growing experience with us. You will find that it is not only a physically enhancing experience, but also a spiritually enriching one as well. Come and wholeheartedly enjoy Taiwan on your ride!

Cycling Around Taiwan Tour Guide Even an 81-year-old grandfather and a 9-year-old child have accomplished this grand tour, what are you waiting for?

Motivation: -As the local saying goes, “There are three ‘must-do’s’ to make you a true Taiwanese.” They are swimming across the fascinating Sun-Moon Lake in Central Taiwan, climbing up the island’s highest peak, Mt. Jade, and traveling around Taiwan by bicycle. As the first two are more limited to numbers of participants, the last one remains wide open for participation. This biking activity has gained popularity among the locals and oversea tourists. -We, the Bike Family, are highly motivated and zealous to offer you professional help and complete technical support during the entire trip. With careful planning and rich experiences, we have guided thousands of previous participants successfully to fulfill their dreams. The tour is designed for the general public, whoever may aspire to endeavor on this adventure.

Tour organizer: Bike Family

Coordinators: Merida Co. (bicycles), Garmin Co. (GPS), KMC Chain Industrial Co., Cheng Shin Rubber Industrial Co. (tires), Alex Global Technology Co. (wheel rims), Echowell Electronic Co. (milometers), VP Components Co. (pedals), Velo Enterprise Co. (saddles), Chia Cherne Co., etc.

Days Riding: The tours are scheduled from a Saturday to the next Sunday, lasting for 9 days, and are offered by the organizer on a regular base. For exact dates, visit our website: www.bit.org.tw for new announcements or call us at: +886-933-897-579 for more information.

Travelers: People from all nationalities. Children under 9 years old are not advised to take part. Minors under 16 are required to be accompanied by their parent or guardian for participation. Participants under 20 are required to present signed Parental Consent Form.

Orientation: An orientation and briefing will be held the day before the tour. The Bike Family also offers free instructional sessions on bicycle training machines regarding physical fitness testing and gear transmitting familiarization. Participants, particularly less experienced riders, are recommended to take advantage of this offer.

Fees: The total fees for the 9 days and 8 nights of the tour is NTD25,000. If you wish to partake in only a portion of the tour, we charge according to the number of the nights accommodated. For each tour, we sponsor one adolescent participant from a low-income family or eastern aboriginal tribe of Taiwan with a fee waiver. Below is the charge table.

# of Night Charge Rental fee*
1 NTD 4,000 NTD1,500
2 NTD 8,000 NTD1,500
3 NTD 12,000 NTD1,500
4 NTD 16,000 NTD1,500
5 NTD 20,000 NTD1,500
6 NTD 24,000 NTD1,500
7 NTD 28,000 NTD1,500
8 NTD 32,000 NTD1,500

*Rental fee includes any necessities to be used during this trip, such as bicycle, helmet, GPS, gloves.

Fees coverage: Fees include meals, room accommodations, and personal travel insurance with up to NTD3M for accidental death and injury. Participants are free to buy extra insurance at their own cost. Please note that, in accordance with the Insurance Regulations in Taiwan, children under the age of 15 are restricted to specific travel insurance premium and coverage regarding accidental death and injury. Equipment is offered with no extra charge to those who take part of the whole trip such as bicycles, GPS, bike helmets, cycling gloves, etc.

Accommodations: Lodging is arranged based on daily riding distance on the scheduled route. See Itinerary Schedule for details.

Equipment and technical support: As the tour is designed for the general public, not just sports enthusiasts, we offer multiple forms of support to every participant to accomplish this tour safely. Equipment (available for free if joining the entire 9-day trip) includes high-quality bicycles with 27-speed gears (priced approx. NTD43,500 in the market), personal GPS for route guide, supporting van accompanied during the entire tour, etc. We also offer spare bicycles as a replacement if needed during the trip so that riding can continue without delay. With the personal GPS guide, riders do not need to worry about falling astray or speeding to catch up. It allows riders to ride with ease and may decrease potential sports injury and traffic accidents. Personal luggage is transported by the supporting van to reduce weight on the bike. If necessary, riders may also get on the van for a rest due to any unmanageable fatigue or poor physical condition.

Itinerary: The total riding distance is approx. 915 kilometers. Participants who complete the whole ride will be awarded honorable certificates. See details at Itinerary Schedule on next page.

Registration: Please fill in the Registration Form which can be downloaded from our website. Fax or e-mail when read and completed. This form, along with your deposit, will confirm your reservation.

Banking Information: Bank name: Bank of Taiwan (Bank code: 004), Cheng-Zhong Branch Account name: Jin-Bao Huang Account number: 045004760345


Office: (02)2322-3236; (02) 2357-0101

Mobile: 0910-092-809 (Li-Jun Yang); 0933-897-579 (Jin-Bao Huang)

Fax: (02)2395-7518

Mailing address: No.21, Lane 9, Lin-Sen North Rd., Chong-Cheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan, R.O.C.

E-mail: bikefamily02@gmail.com Websites: www.bikefamily.tw or www.bit.org.tw